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Seasonal Fruit & Vegetable Guide

What fruits & vegetables are in season right now? This handy guide lists all the produce available throughout the year, month by month.

About Yuzu Bakes

Hi, we are Cory and G, the married couple who loves to cook and bake travel-inspired vegan recipes. We are best friends, coffee lovers, travellers and bakers. Our heart is to see you enjoy cooking healthy and budget-friendly recipes for yourself and your loved ones, by using delicious whole-food ingredients. We made Yuzu Bakes for you.

Cory and G the founders of Yuzu Bakes & brands

Free Culinary Skills

Learn new culinary skills and make the kitchen your favourite new family room

Delicious Vegan Recipes

Carefully developed vegan recipes backed by professional food photography

inside of a vegan sausage - it's meat free!
Delicious vegan steak served on a black plate with jam
beautiful quick and easy vegan sausages

Innovative Home Made Vegan Sausages

Discover the most exciting homemade vegan sausages which not only taste delicious and have a super "meaty" consistency, but they sizzle beautifully on the grill. We don't want you to miss on a summer bbq ever again.

Irresistible Vegan Steak

You can now enjoy the most irresistible vegan steak with a "meaty" bite and a smokey flavour: a quick and easy recipe with simple ingredients so you can enjoy unlimited steak evenings. Can be made on the grill or in your ordinary kitchen frying pan.