We are husband + wife and we love developing healthy recipes together.

We are content creators, photographers, marketers and SEO experts. Together, we established Yuzu Bakes in December 2019. Before that, we created a successful digital studio in the UK called 42droids. We are the founders of one of the top travel bloggers in the world, You Could Travel and the founders of Authentic, an intelligent reporting tool for content creators and agencies. Please check our other brands.

We are best friends who motivate others to adopt a healthier lifestyle by eating good food with honest, fresh ingredients. Our recipes are budget-friendly with the occasional gourmet treat.

We have the deepest appreciation for our audience and treat each reader as an honourable guest to our website.

We only recommend recipes and ingredients which helped us develop a healthier lifestyle and fulfilled our needs in the kitchen.

We broadcast our recipe creation and development through detailed storytelling, immersive photography and engaging videos. As avid marketers, we worked with some of the most incredible brands to help them achieve their targets. We create strategic plans for all our partnerships in order to promote their story to our large, engaged, audience.


As content strategists, we worked with hundreds of companies in 40 different countries. We have agency experience and together we own a digital studio in the UK. We offer a few different partnership options. Our rate card is available on request, please contact us using our email address or contact form below. We are also happy to create custom packages for unique events, so please reach out.

Easy To Work With

Yuzu Bakes is easy to work with from the initial hello email, through the marketing campaign, right to the end. The aim to bring recipes and ingredients to life whilst establishing a long-term business partnership.

Full ROI Case Studies

Yuzu Bakes sends detailed case studies to clients because the #1 goal is to create content that reaches the right audience and converts. We use insightful ROI reports from Authentic. We have examples of previous ROI reports so don't hesitate to ask if you'd like to see our past performance.


Do you edit images?

We always deliver fully edited images. We use various presets to match the location of the photoshoot. We always shoot with a specific purpose and we use editing software to bring our own vision to life.

When will we receive our deliverables?

Our normal turnaround time for deliverables is 30 days. We always aim to deliver everything as quickly as possible, but sometimes, during busier travelling times, it can take a little longer. We don’t ever rush with deliverables and we ensure everything is of the highest quality.

Do you deliver ROI case studies?

Yes, we do. We believe you should see the results of your marketing campaign and we always produce comprehensive case studies for articles, photography and social media. We usually deliver the ROI case study 90 days after the initial deliverables were published. Please get in touch for previous Case Studies to see our reach and results. All our case studies are made by using Authentic.

Here's an example of a comprehensive ROI report.

Are you happy to promote my company or product for free?

Talking about finances can sometimes be a difficult conversation to navigate, especially when your business is on a super tight budget. Our business has grown to a point where we don’t promote companies or products for free. We want to ensure each company we partner with, gets a custom experience that is worth every penny.

Do you accept guest posts?

We currently don't accept unsolicited guest posts. If you have a company who is looking for a sponsored post, please get in touch for our rate card.