We are husband + wife and we love developing healthy recipes together

We are content creators, photographers, marketers and avid readers.

We are best friends, coffee lovers, travellers and bakers. Our heart is to see you enjoy cooking healthy and budget-friendly recipes for yourself and your loved ones, by using delicious whole-food ingredients.

Cory and G together

I’m a Romanian-born British citizen who lived in Bristol for 10 years and hasn’t lost her accent (yet). I now live in Dresden, Germany. I was born in December and I’m a winter child, there’s no day when I don’t miss rainy, moody days or snowy blizzards. I just can’t get enough of nostalgia.

I am a digital creator with many hats. I am a destination marketer for our travel magazine, You Could Travel, as well as content creator, photographer, videographer and more. I love everything SEO and marketing related. When I don't travel the world with my husband, I spend time in the kitchen, developing new healthy recipes with whole food ingredients.

People describe me as an extrovert with an insatiable appetite for life. I’m easily excitable and an idealist with an open mind and an open heart.
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Cory and G walking hand in hand

I’m a software engineer and a technical director with an ever-growing appreciation for thought evoking aesthetics. I am Hungarian by birth and British by passport who travels with the girl of my dreams.

When I'm not on a plane to a new destination, I spend time with my wife developing budget-friendly recipes. I especially love making bread and tear and share is my favourite.

People describe me as an outdoors enthusiast who is enthralled by lush destinations and leafy forests. I think being able to spend all day with my gorgeous wife is the greatest and I still can’t believe she fell for me.
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Cory and G walking in the park

Travelling the world together is the greatest thing we’ve ever done. We love travelling so much, we decided to make it into our lifestyle. We are foodie travellers, motivated to explore the world to discover new culinary affairs. That's why we wanted to recreate these enchanting dish experiences and dazzling culinary inventions at home. We believe in a healthy diet composed of (mainly) whole foods and fresh ingredients.

We are idealists who believe in great stories with a happy ending. We want to enjoy a long, happy life together, and for that, we realised we need to focus on a proper healthy diet. They say an apple a day, keeps the doctor away. We firmly believe that incorporating whole foods into our diet makes us feel fresh, motivated and energetic every single day. This is our secret.

Cory and G in the forest

You'll find us cuddling on the sofa, travelling the world to uncover new recipes and shopping for the freshest, healthiest ingredients ever. Travelling shaped our story and made it more versatile and never boring. As we are introspective travellers who wanted to bring some lessons from the road right into our kitchen. We are dreamers who believe everyone can adopt a healthier lifestyle for a happier outcome.

Yuzu Bakes is our food website and secret story. We created this blog in December 2019 as a way to inspire you to actively become healthier, fitter and happier. We wanted you to fall in love with whole-food-based recipes from all around the world. We believe healthy eating is the best investment you'll ever make in yourself. We seek to produce budget-friendly recipes, with the occasional splurge (because we all deserve it sometimes) and gourmet treats.

On Yuzu Bakes you'll mainly find healthy, whole food vegan recipes. But sometimes we'll make a decadent dessert or a fun alcoholic cocktail. We think life is about balance and we don't believe in a specific diet. We just want to show you how to cook healthy food, using whole food ingredients.

The result: a happier, healthier you, with more budget left over to spend on travel, courses or items which help you grow as an individual. Our recipes are the result of our love for food. Being together in the kitchen makes us happy. It's time spent doing what we love, where we are ever-changing and evolving.

Our recipes are about sharing life in the most spontaneous and magical way.

We are genuinely curious and just like you, we are eager to learn more about the beautiful world around us. Children at heart, we are inquisitive, we question everything.

We cook and bake together to discover the world through new tastes and sensations. We want to be pioneers, break the norm and challenge ourselves beyond monotony.

So let’s say yes to exceptionally healthy life full of fresh, good ingredients.