31 Best Dinners for Vegan January: Veganuary

A list of easy and delicious vegan dinner to make for a whole month. These 31 plant-based dishes are perfect, tasty and healthy!

Delicious vegan cheesy alfredo pasta

With Veganuary just around the corner, it's time we focus on what are the best 31 vegan dinners you can enjoy for the whole of January. Whether you are a beginner vegan or a seasoned plant-based aficionado, these 31 dishes will bring a lot of joy on your table.

I picked them so they are delicious but also easy to make. They are an array of dishes with flavours from all around the world so you are guaranteed to travel through the means of food, right from the comfort of your own kitchen. All these are made with simple ingredients you can find at your local supermarkets and with basic kitchen tools which very likely you already have.

These vegan dinners are perfect for anyone who is looking for new ideas for a whole month of deliciousness and health. Enjoy!

Cheesy Alfredo Pasta

Fancy cheesy pasta? You can now make your favourite Alfredo fully vegan. This incredible pasta dish hits all the sweet spots. It really tastes incredibly cheesy, it's rich and works so well for when you fancy a comforting dinner. You'll love it and won't believe it's plant-based.

Delicious vegan cheesy alfredo pasta

Jackfruit Casserole

Ever since I discovered how to cool jackfruit properly, I can't stop eating it. It's so versatile and mixed with a little red wine and coffee, you can truly make it into an incredible dish. Try this jackfruit casserole which is the ultimate hearty dinner. A true crowd-pleaser too, as everyone will love the rich flavours topped with crispy mashed potato.

Delicious jackfruit casserole fresh bake

Sweet Potato Shepherd's Pie

One of the best ever vegan shepherd's pie variation made with sweet potato and lentil, this bake is super tasty. It's super easy to make and the roasted sweet potato layer really brings so much joy to everyone who eats it. It's super healthy too and full of fibre. Try it and you will fall in love with it.

Vegan shepherds pie in oven tray

Kale & Plantain Salad

Once you try massages kale with crispy plantains on top you will never want to have any other dinner ever again. This vegan dinner is full of flavour thanks to the special spicy sauce we're using. Plus, it's super good for you, full of vitamins, proteins and good carbs. It's perfect if you want something quick and easy and plant-based!

Massaged kale with plantain salad and chili dressing sauce

Easy Vegan Chickpea Stew

The easiest ever vegan chickpea stew, full of flavours and delicious middle eastern aromas. I first tried a similar stew during our visit to Dubai. I now make it for dinner so often, because it really is an incredible dish. I love how quick it is to make, plus it really keeps that hunger at bay. Perfect plant-based dinner!

Fresh chickpea stew served with bread

Vegan Coq au Vin

Who says you can't enjoy the best ever French classic with a vegan twist? This vegan coq au vin celebrates the French cuisine but in a plant-based fashion. We use delicious potatoes dressed in the best ever red-wine based sauce. A marriage of delicious flavours which will make you love your vegan dinners!

vegan coq au vin

Polenta Pizza

Polenta is so versatile, you can really transform it into a fantastic vegan pizza that your whole family will love. Are kids craving pizza? Make this healthier version with a base of polenta and topped with vegan cheese and veggie toppings. Guaranteed to be a star attraction for any dinner!

Delicious polenta pizza on a plate

Mushroom Bourguignon

Mushroom bourguignon is now one of my favourites ever vegan dinners. Not only it's quick and easy to make but I love the versatility of the sauce, which goes so well with creamy mash or rice. It's rich and deep in flavours thanks to the red wine matched to perfection with the earthy mushrooms.

Delicious mushroom bourguignon

Vegan Beef Stew

Fancy beef stew? No problem, we made it vegan for you. Slow-cooked in ale, this beefless stew will remind you of the best ever pub food from Ireland. It's super-rich and flavoursome and you can enjoy it as a hearty vegan dinner. Serve it with wholegrain bread and you will become addicted to plant-based dinners!

Vegan beef stew in a pot

Chilli sin Carne

I love chilli con carne so it's only natural that I made the vegan version of it called chilli sin carne. It's deep in flavours, spicy, rich and delicious. When served with vegan sourcream and tangy lime on the side, this vegan dinner becomes an outstanding culinary experience. It really tickles all your taste buds.

Vegan chili sin carne served in two beautiful bowls

Vegetable Tagine

Fall in love with the Moroccan flavours thanks to this super easy to make vegetable tagine. I think this is one of the best ever vegan dinners because it's aromatic, slightly sweet thanks to the apricot, paired with the roasted vegetables and flavoursome lentils. It's a favourite in my house!

moroccan tagine vegetable tagine served in an authentic dish

Vegan Fish and Chips

As we lived in the UK for so long, we really miss the taste of fish and chips. But luckily, there is a vegan alternative to the British traditional, made with tofu and seaweed. I endearingly call it my healthy tofish creation. Served with chips on the side, this is an incredible crispy and delicious dinner.

Tofish vegan fish strips perfectly baked with panko breading

Vegan Texan Brisket

I know what you are thinking. How can you possibly make a vegan brisket? Don't worry, it's actually really easy to make, and once you realise how effortlessly it is to create such dinner, you'll want to enjoy this plant-based creation forever. Plus, it really does have those texmex flavourings which everyone adores. It's one of our best ever vegan dinners!

Vegan brisket presented on a wooden board and cut into small strips

Vegan Pulled Pork

Who doesn't love that slow-cooked pulled pork? You can now have slow-cooked vegan pulled pork with incredible flavours that are going to knock your socks off. Serve it in a fluffy burger bun with some crisps or chips on the side and you will have an incredible plant-based dinner. They are super easy to make and the secret is in the marinade...

Delicious vegan pulled pork served in a burger bun

Fancy Mushroom Steak

Want to impress with a fancy vegan dinner? Make a delicious oyster mushroom steak served on a bed of creamy potatoes with crispy kale on the side. It's really easy to make and looks incredible on a plate. I usually make it when we celebrate a friend's birthday. No need to visit the local Michelin restaurant, you can have your own fancy culinary experience right at home.

Oyster mushroom steak on a bed of creamed potato

Vegan Chicken Steaks

Lemon and thyme work so well together when paired with our vegan chicken steaks. They taste incredible and you won't believe how easy they are to create! I fry them in a skillet to make them extra crispy but you can also oven-bake them if you prefer. A delicious masterpiece which is 100% plant-based!

Delicious vegan chicken in skillet with lemon and thyme

Fancy Vegan Scallops

We love scallops and couldn't imagine living without them, that's why we came up with an amazing recipe to enjoy them for a fancy dinner. Our vegan scallops taste similar to the real thing and are beautifully prepared so you can indulge in a superb fancy dinner. Plus, a quick guide on how to arrange them on a plate to make them look even more appetising and interesting.

Vegan scallops served with mashed potato and oven baked kale chips flakes

Vegan Sausages

My excellent vegan sausages truly are the best ever you'll try. Not only they taste excellent, but they sizzle on the grill which I think really add to the experience when cooking sausages. They can be eaten on their own with sides like this mango habanero salad, or in a delicious bun. Dip them in mustard and enjoy your plant-based indulgent dinner.

Delicious quick and easy vegan sausages

Romanian Cabbage Rolls

This recipe sure reminds me of my childhood as my mother used to make these before a major holiday. A staple in the Romanian cuisine, cabbage rolls are as traditional as they get. I made the vegan version with delicious wholegrain rice and buckwheat and wrapped in the most delicious fermented cabbage. These feed a crowd and they last in the fridge for several days so you don't have to cook every night!

Romanian cabbage Rolls

Delicious Buckwheat patties

For a crispy dinner, I recommend these super easy buckwheat patties. They are quick and easy and can be served in a burger bun or on their own with sides like polenta chips for example. We love them because of their fibre content and they truly taste spectacular. I especially love that they are not mushy at all, which makes them a great plant-based choice.

Buckwheat burgers

Tea Infused Chana Masala

I'm absolutely in love with this chana masala recipe, and thanks to the green tea in it (yes, you read this right!) the flavours are so much more alluring. Chana masala is made with chickpea, and I like to serve it with a wrap so it really keeps my hunger at bay. It's super quick and easy to make and you love the taste.

Vegan tea infused chana masala

Romanian Stewed Cabbage

Another traditional Romanian classic is the stewed cabbage which it's believed to be slimming. Whether that's true or not, I love to make it for dinner in my family because it takes very little time to put together and I know that it's full of vitamins. Especially during the winter, as it's a hearty food and it works really well when served with crusty bread on the side.

Stewed cabbage with swirly bread on the side

Delicious Vegan Steak

The best ever vegan steak recipe is right here. Not only I made it to resemble the real thing, but you can truly enjoy its texture with a fork and a steak knife! Serve it with potatoes on the side and indulge in what I believe it's the absolute best plant-based dinner. We do make it regularly and we serve it to guests to visit our little vegan home.

Juicy, tender and flavoursome vegan steam on a black plate served with broccoli and sauces

Vegan Pizza

I've got great news: pizza base is 100% vegan anyway so all you need to do is improvise with your toppings. I like to use a tomato paste and top the pizza with vegan mozzarella and vegan cheese. Vegan cheeses are now widely available in supermarkets and they will continue to improve as time passes and more people adopt a plant-based diet. You can add all sort of toppings of your choice like mushrooms, olives, vegetables... don't forget to add a pinch of oregano to your tomato paste. It will really bring out the Italian flavours.

Vegan pizza with homemade tomato sauce and vegan toppings

Herby Millet Patties

I never thought I'd like millet and now I absolutely love it. I especially love that you can make crispy millet patties which are not too mushy. They work on their own with a side of salad or can be served in a burger bun if you prefer. Millet patties are incredibly healthy and full of fibre.

Millet Patties Recipe

Mushroom Risotto

This vegan mushroom risotto is made using king oyster mushrooms as well as wholegrain risotto rice. Not only that it's packed with lots of good carbs but also a lot more fibre than normal risotto. IT's made fully vegan so you can enjoy it for when you fancy an Italian dinner with lots of flavours.

Vegan brown rice mushroom risotto

Romanian Polenta Cake

This is a plant-based hack if you ask me because this recipe is made with simple ingredients from your pantry. Forgot to buy food from the store? No worries, you can cook this super easy polenta cake which really tastes incredible thanks to the spices we add it the recipe. Besides, it's super filling and very tasty.

Authentic mamaliga recipe

Butter Bean Stew

Ever since I discovered how versatile butter beans are, I can't stop using them for all sort of dishes. But the focus right now is on this butter bean stew which is super tasty and incredibly aromatic. Not to mention, easy to make and filling, making it ideal for a hearty plant-based dinner.

Butter bean fresh from the hob in a bowl with parsley

Baked Cabbage Casserole

Another delicious Romanian dinner is the delicious baked cabbage casserole. It's incredibly easy to make, and it's basically a layered casserole full of flavours. You can get creative with this dish, but we especially love it with layers of cabbage, buckwheat and wholegrain rice. So you know it's healthy and super tasty!

varza a la cluj in a casserole

Baked Potato Rosti

I love potatoes in all it's forms and this is no exception. Potato rosti is a personal favourite of mine. This is a dish I first tried in Germany, but traditionally you will find it around food markets in Switzerland. No need tot travel for it though, as you can now make it at home, as a plant-based dish which is full of taste. I love adding spinach to it but you can get creative.

Baked potato rosti fresh out of the oven

Vegan Flammkuchen

Vegan flammkuchen or known as German pizza is a fantastic dinner recipe which brings together an array of yum flavours. Make it with vegan sourcream and top it with onion and kale, and don't forget to sprinkle it with a little vegan cheese. It's not only tasty but feels very indulgent as it's essentially a healthier alternative or having pizza for dinner.

How to make delicious traditional flammkuchen

These were our best 31 vegan dinners for January. You are now well equipped to enjoy a month full of delicious plant-based dishes. You can enjoy them on your own or with your family. They really are healthy, full of flavours and super tasty, so you are guaranteed to love them. Plus, it's nice to give your body a break and give it a lot of plant-based proteins and fibres so you can enjoy a healthier, longer life with your loved ones.

Are you excited about making all these dishes? Let me know all about it in the comments section below.

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